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Supplier of Precision-Quality Machined Parts

We Work With a Variety of Materials

Including, steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and brass as well as Plastics. Some sample of our work are below.

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Our Processes

Milling, Turning, Knurling, Broaching and Assembly Machining

We make getting a quote easy and fast…

Fill out our Request For Quote form and we will respond immediately.Quick Quote

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EMC Machining Inc is a supplier of precision-quality machined parts. We offer CNC milling and turning services from prototypes to full production, in addition to cost-reducing design suggestions.

With our experienced team of engineers and machinists aiming for constant improvement, EMC Machining Inc strives for efficiency and accuracy to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

How can we help you make your project a reality? Please take advantage of our free and easy quoting services.

EMC Machining Inc is led by a highly experienced team driven by our most important asset – our customers.

Our Company…
EMC Machining Inc is an independent, family-owned business that maintains a strong commitment to its customers and their needs. We are a small but hard-working company that is well-equipped to carry out your business demands from small custom jobs to full production runs.

Our Team…
EMC Machining Inc takes pride in its dedicated team of engineers and machinists. Our programmers merge over 30 years of experience with new technologies. Our machinists, who have worked with our company for years, are always eager to learn new techniques, and operate with the kind of expertise that can only be gained from time spent on a shop floor, not in a classroom.

Our Customers…
EMC Machining Inc aspires to deliver our services to any customer in need. We provide machining services including CNC milling and turning from prototyping to production, along with knowledgeable input from our engineers and machinists to ensure our customers’ projects are cost-efficient. Our main goal is to go above and beyond customer satisfaction by supplying high quality parts at the right price.